Saysayin ng Baybayin by Bing Veloso

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Saysayin ng Baybayin is a book on the hidden meanings of the baybayin symbols and how they can be used for intuitive readings or the divination of messages.
At Bahay Nakpil I found this small exhibit on a friend, Maria Rhodora “Bing-Bing” Veloso, who had done translations for me for Tagipusuon sg Babaylan.
Bing authored and published Saysayin ng Baybayin in 2002. She is an economics grad of U.P. Diliman and works in research, leadership, Asian economic and community development.  She is also lead singer for Bailan and has sung epic songs and oral history with the tribes of the Cordilleras.

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  1. Bing, uses the baybayin to do a reading, very similar to how runes are used to do mystical readings. I myself have not experienced getting a baybayin reading from her.<br /><br />I thought this was interesting about runes because it sounds similar to how Bing does baybayin readings. Taken from<br /><br />&quot;The sequence of signs in each Aett has

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