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Feelings and form

Posted on Dec 11, 2009 in history

“Form follows feeling.” — David Turner So, can it be that baybayin forms were shaped by feeling in addition to thought? Something more to consider. Are you willing or not so willing, to acknowledge how subjective realms can determine the works of humans? Isn’t human existence on many levels of existence? How does existence and experience manifest in history, in our works, in interpretations, in our...

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Babaylan Mandala I-I Beginning over 400 years ago, the coming of Western colonizers shaped the identity of Filipinos. As the gold of our ancestors and the motherland were wrested away and loaded upon Spanish galleons to be delivered to the conquerors’ home across the seas, so too was the richness of Filipino identity and spirituality replaced with dysfunctional perceptions of the superiority of the conquerors’ race,...

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