Baybayin Summit 2015

Posted on Jan 16, 2015 in people, places

Some of my colleagues have been organizing and will be speaking at the Baybayin Summit of 2015. Some of my U.S. colleagues who are proponents of baybayin are speaking too. I have been invited and listed as a speaker.

Read below. (Please give these graphics a few extra seconds to load.)

10961989_10152982615485804_1420437197_n10957475_10152982615645804_1621540830_n 10961860_10152982615870804_1257674909_n  10979271_10152982615720804_1783327994_n 10979291_10152982615505804_1390771063_n 10984816_10152982615545804_547330697_n  11006099_10152982615665804_1850154561_n 11006127_10152982615630804_897081474_n 11005560_10152982615755804_1605201478_n11006194_10152982615820804_527413876_n 11007714_10152982615585804_586781076_nMore info on their Facebook page>

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