Posts made in November, 2011

  Part 1 of 3: Buwaya In Our Dreams, Baybayin, Weavings, Tattoos and more! Images courtesy of and PinoyTravelBlog I found out only in the past couple of years, that the crocodile is a significant symbol to indigenous Filipinos and to our ancestors. Then I met a baybayin artist who sees, among other things, the shape of the buwaya in one of the baybayin symbols!  Because of a series of crocodile revelations that have...

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More Indigenous Voices

Posted on Nov 8, 2011 in history, people

How was the Native American re-programmed? How does an educational system focus minds and hearts of any race or country? Listening to the experience of the Native Americans through Cornel Pewewardy’s words, this makes me think about how western education, at the turn of the 20th century, might have, at the same while introducing western civilization to the country of the Philippines(and prepping Philippine nationals to become...

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