O-U baybayin and the meanings in the sanskrit symbol of Om

Posted on Dec 9, 2016 in ancient symbols, parallels

A look at the curves of the  baybayin symbol of O-U shows that it looks a lot like the roman numeral “3”.

O-U baybayin

Source: Nordenx Baybayin Chart

What’s really fun to see is that our baybayin of O-U is very similar to the sanskrit symbol variations for O, AU, U, UH, UU, OO:

From learnsanskrit.com

There’s a likely that our baybayin symbol for O-U is related to these sanskrit versions and may have originated from Sanskrit writing.

The baybayin symbol of O-U is also found in the devnagari symbol of Om.

and the Bangla symbol of Om.

Now take a look at the meaning of the strokes in the symbol of OM.

According to scholars, every stroke in the devnagari symbol for Om has a meaning about the 4 states of consciousness.

Source: The Body, Mind, Spirit Miscellany: The Ultimate Collection of Fascinations, Facts, Truths, and Insights, by Jane Alexander

So if we were to refer to ancient sanskrit philosophy and tradition, the strokes of the baybayin symbol for O-U mean two states of human consciousness—Deep Sleep (state of unconsciousness, living in maya/illusion) and Waking (state of higher consciousness, seeing through the illusions of maya).

How fascinating!


More examples of writing symbols with deeper meanings:

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