2 meanings of “spell”

Posted on Sep 2, 2009 in divination, history

One meaning of “spell” is “setting the sequence of letters in a word.” A practical action of spelling words to make logical sense to a reader.

The other meaning is a magical one, as in “to cast a spell.” It is interesting that in the case of runes and divination, one would “cast the stones” whereby the stones had the writing of runes upon them. Upon falling, the stones would indicate meaningful messages that would be read by the diviner.

(“Baybay” means spell and “baybayin” means spelling.)

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  1. I am appalled by what I have read in the onigiral article. I am a Christian and also practitioner of Wicca. There are so many similarities. Prayer is same as chanting, or spells ..Jesus Christ was a phenomenal man. A prophet, a seer, a healer. Not unlike many many other women and men since he has been placed on Earth. Though the Christians cannot see him, they still believe and worship him. Wiccans worship nature, being represented by Goddess and God. Male and Female. Polar opposites. Only, Wiccans do not believe in a Devil, nor do they believe God,or Jesus Christ is judgemental or a revengeful deity. These are Man’s emotions, not to be given to one who healed people, had visions and was pure of heart. There is NO sin. What is this SIN they say Jesus died for?? Wiccans are very earthy, friendly, loving humans. Please see for yourself that judgement is manmade.

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