Akopito Theory on Origin of Bisaya Writing Symbols

Posted on Feb 20, 2011 in interpretations, people

I just found Akopito’s Sulat Bisaya pages. “Sulat Bisaya” translates to “Visayan writing.” 
There’s great art and sulat bisaya imagery but what intrigues me the most is Akopito’s theories on the origin of the Bisaya characters & the story behind the ‘Ka’ character. Very interesting. Here is a click glimpse of the interpretations and you can click through to their site with the link the bottom.

a small matrix of the Akopito interpretations

Click here to read complete page and full story behind KA.

There are also a couple of pages here on Suwat Bisaya also—  Suwat Bisaya Strokes and How to Write Suwat Bisaya.
Akopito is also an artist:

Click here for more images by this artist.

Thanks for creating these pages Akopito!

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  1. Can you please tell me what the main logo means, the one that akopito is always showing, daghang salamat!

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