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Posted on Oct 9, 2010 in ancient symbols, events, people, places

Well, many of you readers may have already heard of ancient Filipino writing or baybayin. And thanks to many web hobbyists since the 1990s up to today, Filipinos in the motherland and Filipinos all over the world have found one way to learn more about baybayin

Very soon to come out publicly are findings about ancient Filipino math! Baybayin researchers now have something to share not only about the baybayin but also ancient filipino math this coming October 15 in the Manila area. (more details below)

In inquiring about publishing resources in the Philippines I connected with Kristina Subido and in passing she mentioned her math teacher and her math teacher’s research partner were going to have a talk about ancient math in the Philippines. The math teacher was Alleli Domingo and I emailed her about my interest in that work. She in turn in turn emailed me:

Hi Perla and Mayita,

Thanks for your interest in Baybayin and ancient Filipino numerals. My friend, Bonifacio “Boni” F. Comandante, Jr, will be defending his Ph.D. dissertation on Baybayin tomorrow. 

Boni and I presented the history of Baybayin numerals in a video show for the weeklong CHED-IMSP UP Los Baños Math Camp last Monday. I did a session on MathDance last night, The participants (Math teachers from alll over the Philippines) had fun!

Let us wait for Boni’s go signal to share the materials. He needs to ask permission from the National Museum in Manila for the Angono cave petroglyph shots and Tabon Cave/Tabon woman dioramas.

Mabuhay kayo!


Through Alleli I connected with Professor Comandante via email over the past few months. Yesterday, he has just sent me this preview of his talk. Please click to view:

(Preview video property of Bonifacio Commandante)
A discussion on Baybayin Syllabary and Numerals
Presented by Bonifacio Commandante. 
Oct 15, 2010. Soul Venture Center, Manila Area. 
Call 964.5240 for tickets. 

(Images property of Bonifacio Commandante)

I hope you can attend this interesting event to hear Professor Comandante and his team’s findings on ancient Filipino math and baybayin.

Just the emails and this video area already very intriguing! I hope you get to check out this interesting event.

If baybayin is alive for you I please share how by posting at this blog or email me.


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