Ang Bai, Buaya, kag ang Kahoy sg Kaluluwa

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Ang Bai, Buaya, kag ang Kahoy sg Kaluluwa (Visayan phrase that means The Woman, Crocodile and Tree of the Soul). 

It’s time for Filipinos to remember the White Buwaya because he represents the Light aspect of the crocodile. 
Greed and corruption are shadow or dark aspects of the crocodile and all that modern filipinos remember because of the wounds of Spanish colonization. How can we transition from this mindset? It takes service that comes from Love and Abundance, not Fear and Lack.
The light aspects of the crocodile power animal are power, courage, warrior-ship, protection, fertility.  
Our white buwaya has a name. It is Nunui
Ang Bai, Buaya, kag ang Kahoy sg Kaluluwa (Visayan phrase that means The Woman, Crocodile and Tree of the Soul).
Acrylic on Canvas. 36″w x 48″h. by Perla Paredes Daly.
Back from the Crocodile’s Belly. Edited by S. Lily Mendoza and Leny Mendoza Strobel.
Published by Center for Babaylan Studies.
Contributors: Grace Nono, Nenita Pambid, Michael Gonzalez, Lane Wilcken, Christine Muyco, Jane Alfonso, Maria Ferrera, Margarita Garcia, Jim Perkinson, 
Tera Maxwell, S. Lily Mendoza, Mila Anguluan Coger, Perla Daly.
Look closely, there is baybayin. 
Q: What baybayin symbol looks like a buwaya? 
A. Search for my buwaya posts of 2011 and 2012. Part 3 to come.

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  1. Susme, serious ka rin pala mniasn – Whatever you are planning to do – go and have fun. You don’t want to ask yourself later the question “What if?”—-Here is a quote by George Bernard Shaw that I think fits your situation perfectly – “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” Cheers and remember to have fun! Lot’s of it!

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