Bahay, Buhay, Bayan, Bayani

Posted on Oct 31, 2009 in BA, bahala na, HA, interpretations, LA, NA

by Reimon Sonam (Raymund Cosare) 

Below are the words of bahay (life), buhay (life), bayan (nation or country), and bayani (hero) spelled in baybayin.

Notice the similarities and differences between the words such as bahay and buhay (home and life) and bayan and bayani (nation and hero), and how their meanings are inter-related.
Below is another slide that shows further examinations of various baybayin spellings of Filipino words: Bathala (God), babae (female), lalaki (male), and again—bahay (life), buhay (life), bayan (nation or country), and bayani (hero).

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Bahay, Buhay, Bathala is an attempt to understand the relationship between sexuality (male and female principles) and spirituality. The baybayin, our ancient writing system is used as a tool for analysis. The word Bathala which is written [in the above way] in our ancient writing is interpreted that the BA stand for babae (female) and the LA stand for lalaki (male). This has been interpreted to mean that Bathala is neither man nor woman, but possesses the qualities of both genders. HA is like a wave, a bird or the wind. One can easily interpret this as the symbol for the spirit.
This module was presented at the conference for Pambansang Samahan ng Sikolohiyang Pilipino (November 2001). The presentation theme was “Psychology of Sexuality and Spirituality of the Filipino.”



  1. i believe your &quot;BAHAY&quot; and &quot;BUHAY&quot; is written wrongly in baybayin form.. because if you will translate it into letters, it would spell as &quot;BAHAI and BUHAI&quot;..<br /><br /> the last letter Y can be omitted in traditional form of baybayin and if written in modern/spanish form, you could write it with baybayin &quot;YA&quot; with cross sign below it..<br /><br />~Quinn

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    • Hmmm.. tama po na Ang basa sa pag translate ay BUHAI… ngunit kapag binasa po ito ay mag blend kaya magiging tunog BUHAY na Ang ibig sabihin ay life.. sa lumang baybayin wala pa po ang dagdag na x na inilagay sa ilalim ng katinig para mawala ang paying na kasama nito.. halimbawa ang YA pag nalagywn ng x sa baba ay magiging Y na .. ang pag gamit po ng x sa baba ay isang dagdag sa modernong baybayin.. sa layuning lalobg mapagaan ang pag susulat at pag aaral nito .. samakatwid may tradisyonal at modernong paraan ng pag gamit ng baybayin…

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