Baybayin ay Buhayin!

Posted on Oct 8, 2010 in ancient symbols, people, resources

Bonifacio Commandante  just told me that Buhayin Baybayin is now on Facebook:

(at Facebook now, click here to visit.)

Baybayin Buhayin also has an online presence for the iPhone app.

The iPhone app out Baybayin Buhayin 1.0 is out. You can download yours now or visit for more details.

“May makabagong mundo na naghahangad na makilala tayo bilang isang Lahi.

Ipakilala, ihayag at ipagdiwang natin ang mga yaman ng ating Lahi… Baybayin ay buhayin!”  

(Rough Translation: We are in a new world where we aspire to know ourselves as one People. Lets get to know, express and celebrate the richness of our heritage. Baybayin is alive!)

I thank Boni and all those who share their Baybayin work and knowledge at BaybayinAlive. 
How is Baybayin alive for you? Post, email us and share here too.

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