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Some books and print publications on Baybayin.

  • Baybayin: The Ancient Script of the Philippines, by Bayani Mendoza De Leon. 
  • Doctrina Christiana, 1991 Philippine Centennial reprint.
  • Introduction to Baybayin, by Christian Cabuay. Available at
  • Prehistoric Writing, by Cecilio G. Salcedo and Indigenous Filipino Writing, by Antoon Postma. The Earliest Filipinos, Book 2. Chapter 15. Kasaysayan, The Story of the Filipino People (10-volume set published by Reader’s Digest. Out-of-print).
  • Saysayin ng Baybayin, by Rhodora “Bing” Veloso

For another online list see Baybayin Book List. Please share any books you know of and post below.

To find these books in the United States you can try contacting Philippine Expressions Books (Tel (310)514-9139) or Arkipelago Books, both in California.

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  1. How can I avail Indigenous Filipino Writing by Antoon Postma? I'm located at Quezon City Philippines

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