Baybayin healing in indigenous and contemporary settings

Posted on Sep 9, 2011 in A Holistic Approach, healing, people

Recent FB chat about baybayin healing on Virgil Mayor Apostol’s wall:

Christian Cabuay

Here’s an article about the Baybayin healing I told you about last year. It’s towards the bottom. “Healing modality is one very important function of the Baybayin Script. Women in the old times were better adept to the Syllabary because of this specific need. A fresh leaf (usually banana) is passed over fire before Baybayin Scripts are written and applied on the skin of patients. Babaylan Tita of Majayjay and Lola Anisya of Luisiana (both in Laguna) still practice this method but uses mixed script forms and paper instead of leaves. Baybayin Healing is still very much alive today”

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    • Charina Rivera It is ALIVE today because of your PASSION Christian:)

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    • Virgil Mayor Apostol 

      Christian, thank you for posting this! Up to this day, there are healers that use the mentioned banana leaf method, but instead of using baybayin, they write Latin oracion with the Roman alphabet replacement. Often times, this is followed by the “tugging” of the leaf over the supposed area of complaint. When there is a resistance, that is the area that is considered “Napilayan” (sprained or misaligned), hence the specific spot that the healer works on.

      The “subtle energy” experiment makes a lot of sense, and can be studied as radionics – the use of objects or symbols to bring on an effect such as healing, sorcery, or in this case, influential germination. Subtle energy is neither positive nor negative, but when dictated with intention plus the added power of sound, a Cymatic effect occurs ( These experiments have also been used with sacred chants, which provide certain vibrations that create unique forms in the sand and other substances. Each baybayin character or a combination thereof, therefore, can be considered to posses the manifestation of or potential for spiritual energetic influence. Okay, enough of my blabbing. 😀

      These original films of Cymatics experiments were made in the 1960’s by Swiss scSee More

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    • Perla Paredes Daly thanks for posting, Christian! I know some reiki healers in the NYC area have been using baybayin for doing readings (like runes) and have begun to explore the symbols for healing the way reiki symbols are used for healing. so the baybayin healing that you have cited is making its way around the world as contemporary filipino healers reconnect to baybayin.

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