baybayin symbolism in art

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  1. I am very interested in the full meaning of this mandala. I've looked at your clues and have seen the archetypes and I am drawn to the symbolism. I also have been doing research on Filipino tattoo and was considering using your mandala as the basis for my next session (with your permission of course).

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    • One of the reasons why I depely admire and love Lola Narra aside from her faith was her generosity of self, too. Even though we were not her direct apos, we always had our share of torta and cookies from her. And when trouble once came, it was at her house me and my sister ran to Thinking it was a safe haven for both of us, coz at our young minds, we knew somehow, that as confused, angry and hurt we were, we can always run to her and be comforted with her hugs . she was that loving to us

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  2. Hello Mr. E, thank you for your post and inquiry. Several people have asked about meanings of the symbolism and can discern some of them for themselves at several different levels. I plan to write something more formal regarding the meanings so that I can share them in more detail. And yes, you may consider the mandala for a personal tattoo. My friend Lane Wilken, author of Filipino Tattoos

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