Baybayin Vendor Table at 1st Int’l Babaylan Conference, April 17&18, 2010

Posted on Mar 7, 2010 in events, interpretations

We have invited several Baybayin artists to share a table and sell their products and services at the 1st Int’l Babaylan Conference, April 17&18, 2010. It will be held at the Cooperage at Sonoma State University in California. S we may not only present at the forum “Baybayin in the Diaspora” that Saturday, but also share our jewelry, tattoos, books and other indigenous products available at this conference event.

Currently we hope that the following artists(myself included) will be there to speak and present their art and books:

  • Christine Balza (
  • Christian Cabuay (, author of Baybayin)
  • Mary Ann Ubaldo (
  • Bing Veloso (author of Saysayin ng Baybayin, can no longer make it)

I hope to present baybayin jewelry, the Bahala Meditations book and music(with Ubaldo).

Also joining us at the table will be jewelry maker Lorial Crowder.

We hope you can join us and visit our table. 
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  1. Another change to the speaker list here, Bing Veloso also could not make it( at first it was Bayani de Leon) and so I presented during the panel on the topic of "Fertility Symbols, Feminine Principle, and BA."

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  2. i am just as inspired as you are merl! with very well-defined and dintisct lines of work, we are nevertheless on the same page as to the direction of what empowerment and development is all about. i like your word poised feistiness’. take care now! and keep the spirits high all the time, despite maraming tinik, awesome woman.

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