Concept of Leadership (Konsepto ng Pamumuno)

Posted on Oct 31, 2009 in interpretations

Concepts shared by Reimon Sonam (Raymund Cosare) 

Cosare examines the concept of leadership by interpreting the metaphors and meanings of the baybayin that spell pinuno (leader).

The root word of pinuno is puno (tree). A trees roots are grounded; a tree grows and sprouts; a tree serves as protection for things and people under its shade.

Also, another meaning of puno is to fill or to make complete.

Another root word of pinuno is nuno (ancestor or grandparent). The word nuno also implies wisdom of the elders. 

Cosare also explores the hidden meanings of the baybayin of pinuno through Bing Veloso’s subjective, interpretative, work here to the right. 

Through these subjective interpretations:

  • The baybayin of PA has the deeper meaning of vision. Thus a leader must have vision, must be a visionary.
  • The baybayin of NA has the deeper meaning of taking risks, and a leader must be confident and have the inner strength to be able to be able to make choices and take risks in order to serve his community.


  • Saysayin ng Baybayin, by Bing Veloso, 2002.

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