Filipino Tattoos Ancient to Modern, by Lane Wilcken

Posted on Apr 21, 2010 in ancient symbols, people, resources

Symbolism was patterned on to the skins of the people on the Philippines islands, first called Islas de los Pintados by the first Spaniards who came on the galleons. Lane Wilcken’s book is coming out this Fall 2010.

Lane writes at his FB page: A book that examines the deeply spiritual symbolism beyond Western interpretations as symbols of status and beauty.

(Specifically, the Visayan islands, more central within the archipelago of the Philippines, were called  “Islas de los Pintados.”)

has anyone seen baybayin or baybayin-like symbols in ancient or traditional Filipino tattoos?


Lane’s FB page for Filipino Tattoos Ancient to Modern
My book review

Pre-order at here.


  1. thank you for renewing our cultural treasures!

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  2. This is an amazing site that you have. I hope that all Filipinos will realize that we need to know our past in order for us to move forward.

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