Giving Symbols Meanings is an Ancient Tendency

Posted on Nov 10, 2010 in ancient symbols, interpretations, people

Why do Filipinos, along with the Hebrews, Nords, Tibetans and other cultures, give writing symbols spiritual and cosmological meanings? If we learn a little more about Filipino tattoos and how they have such meanings deep from the past, then maybe we can understand this tendency in ancient and modern Filipinos better.

Lane Wilcken is publishing “Filipino Tattoos Ancient to Modern” and I and many people are hoping it will be released at next month. Lane writes that this is a book that examines the deeply spiritual symbolism of Filipino tattoos beyond Western interpretations of mere physical symbols of status and beauty.

Photo provided courtesy of Lane Wilcken.

Lane explains that the above image shows the different types of symbols in an Infuago man’s tattoos and that each of these symbols have names, cosmological meanings and spiritual importance. More details will be shared in his book Filipino Tattoos Ancient to Modern.

Has anyone seen baybayin or baybayin-like symbols in ancient or traditional Filipino tattoos?

If you have knowledge about how other symbolism around the world has deeper meaning we hope to hear from you.

Thanks, Lane, for coming up with such a significant book on our culture and heritage. May it help us understand our history and people better and help us deepen the meanings of our lives.

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