Ha, Aloha, Spirit and the Breath of Life

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Ha, Aloha, Spirit and the essence of the soul. BaybayinAlive.com

The sound and syllable of HA occurs in many words that have to do with the breath or air.

Hangin air/wind
Hininga breathe/breath

Ginhawa breathe/breath
Hapo out of breath

The baybayin for HA is rendered in baybayin mostly as a wavy symbol.

Historical renderings of HA:

Modern renderings of HA

The literal meaning of aloha is “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” It comes from “Alo,” meaning presence, front and face, and “ha,” meaning breath.


She explained that most people believe that Aloha means “hello” or “love” but few know its true meaning. Aloha’s meaning is derived from “alo” which means “to go with, to share or to follow” and “ha,” which is “the breath of life” or figuratively the “essence of the soul.” She told me that this word and greeting was an intimate expression among friends, a sharing of spirits. In effect it meant that a portion of my spirit will follow after you.

Ungngo, the Breath of Life, by Lane Wilcken

According to the Hawai’ian language, haole literally translates as a person ” without breath meaning a person without a soul or someone who behaves inhumanely, deviating from the aloha principles of sharing and compassion.

The Puerto Rican diaspora: historical perspectives By Carmen Teresa Whalen, Víctor Vázquez-Hernández

Aloha is love. It is light. It is spirit. It is living from our hearts. Alo means to stand in the presence of” or “to go with.” Ha is the breath, the essence of spirit and light, that connection which the life force rides upon. To say “ALOHA” is to stand in the presence of the breath, spirit and light and ot acknolwedge and recognize all of this in another.

The secrets & mysteries of Hawaii: a call to the soul : planetary crossroads … By Pila of Hawaii

Do you find yourself with your shoulders hunched up around your ears, letting out a great big sigh, noticing that you’re so tense and tight that you’ve forgotten to breathe? Breathing has a powerful effect on our emotional as well as physical well being.

Breath is life. Breath is so important to life that cultures around the world apply the same word for breath as they do to life. The Hebrew word rauch means breath and spirit. Latin spiritus is the same word used for breath and spirit. Similarly, in Latin animus is the word interchangeably used for breath, life, spirit, air, soul and mind. In the Hawaiian Islands, breath or ha, meaning breath of life, is so important it is a major component of the language.

Hawaii means ha – breath of life, wai – fresh water and I – supreme god or original consciousness. Aloha – I great you with my breath. Mahola – I thank you with my breath. Hauli describes the non-natives as without breath. The Sanskrit word for breath is prana, meaning life force. In yoga, when we talk about breath practices, we call these breath practices pranayama, from prana – breath, yama – control of, meaning the control of the breath or the life force.


The mind is the master of the senses. The breathe is the master of the mind.
Yoga wisdom teaching.

Offering the inhaling breath into the exhaling breath, the yogi neutralizes both breaths; thus he releases prana from the heart and brings life force under his control” (Bhagavad Gita IV: 29).


  1. I made some comments or additional information about Baybayin “HA” also another info that may already known about the origin of ancient Chinese YIN/YANG symbol came from that ancient Tagalog Baybayin Script.?,try to figure out,. you are correct that HA means air wave or “BREATH of LIFE” and may I add that these BREATH of LIFE is the BREATH by the CREATOR (Almighty) giving life to the first human in this planet..”HAAaaa>”, and the rest is history.. in the BEGINNING to dig in,,..dudes going back in time where everything has begun…

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  2. my problem is to knew the meaning of YAH

    for me is like the resurector of souls or the absorber of souls (the first is most applicable)

    What do you Think ?.

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  3. in the Philippines, “buHAy” means life and mabuhay is to wish life to another person. this should have been included in article.

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