Kristian Kabuay book “Sulat ng Kaluluwa” releases this October

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Sulat ng Kaluluwa, Writing of the Soul. By Kristian Kabuay

Sulat ng Kaluluwa, Writing of the Soul. By Kristian Kabuay

This month, Kristian Kabuay is releasing his new book titled Sulat ng Kaluluwa meaning Writing of the Soul. It is a collaboration of artwork and stories from the Filipino diaspora. A word/name is chosen, and person shares a story about it and Kabuay creates Baybayin art based on that word. Get your printed or kindle copy at

At the recent retreat-conference Katutubong Binhi I met and caught up with Kabuay and got a personal copy. I started reading this simple but wonderful bookfull of personal stories, that come in a range of ironic, painful, humorous and/or deep, and shared by Filipinos around the world. Artfully illustrated with Kabuay’s handwritten baybayin and includes photos of the storytellers

Tagipusuon in baybayin script by Kristian Kabuay
I submitted a story with the word tagipusuon meaning “deep from the heart.” 

Cabuay(at the time) and I connected during the early days of the web, circa 1998, when he was sharing his thoughts on colonial mentality on geocities and I was publishing the stereotype-busting site of, the first online community for and by Filipinas (a pioneering kick-ass Filipina site that WAS NOT a mail-order-bride site!)

Sulat ng Kaluluwa

On the cover of the book: Model Chloe Rainwater, whose story is among those told in the book.

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