Norman De Los Santos, Baybayin Font artist, and creator of Anak Bathala

Posted on Oct 2, 2011 in interpretations, people

“Anak Bathala World is a celebration of our cultural heritage that weaves together rich elements of Philippine mythology, culture, beliefs, folklore and values. It also pays homage to the golden age of comic makers with its artistic approach and graphic illustrations. It aims to carry out a renewed appreciation to Filipino art and works…” says Mr. Erwin Arroza in his Welcome Remarks [at the launch of Anak Bathala world in Quezon city. ]

If you’re any one of the following—a baybayin enthusiast, online gamer, cartoon fan, Filipino myths lover, Philippine culture-enthusiast—here is a treat for you!

Anak Bathala World is an epic fantasy adventure of Kalem that showcases rich Philippine mythology and culture. It exhibits native Filipino beliefs and folklore intertwined with values.

The work of conceptualizing, creating and producing Anak Bathala world is in itself epic, spanning a five part graphic novel series and 5 online games that you can play right now at the Anak Bathala web site. 

Norman de los Santos aka Nordenx  researched and pieced together the beginnings of the Anak Bathala story. He is one of the pillars of creating the original Anak Bathala concept and is working with BHM Publishing House Inc., BHM Games Studio Inc. and Shinen Media Technology Corporation to produce it.

Norman was born and raised in Mindoro, Philippines. He later immigrated to the United States in 1989 when he was 18 years old.

Norman graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science and later went on to finish another associates degree in Computer Networks Systems Technology.

In 2000, he partnered and co-founded a small IT business in Southern California where he and his team offers IT services, developed networks, software, and websites for small businesses and larger companies and corporations. He also spearheaded a LAN games project that developed simple multiplayer games, applications, and game Mod tools. The business was running smoothly for four years until the partnership broke up for differences in creative vision. Disappointed from the loss, Nordenx vowed to start another company on his own when he can afford to do so. Between looking for a job and taking care of his family, he found comfort in his private research and hobbies.

Norman is an active and prolific Baybayin font designer and artist and is one of the early Filipino Baybayin Font developers to offer free modern Baybayin fonts online. As the founder of the Anak Bathala Project he uses modern technologies such as digital art, typography, video games, and commercial applications to promote awareness of Filipino Heritage and the Baybayin Script . 

Go Nordenx!

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