The Baybayin for Bahala and Bathala

Posted on Aug 30, 2009 in ancient symbols, bahala na

Why do Filipinos spell the name of Bathala using these three symbols above
instead of the following ways?

Please share your comments below.
(All baybayin translations courtesy of C. Cabuay’s online application)

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  1. Ba-ha-la is, IMO, the correct way of writing it.<br />Ba-ta-la is far from &quot;Bat-ha-la&quot;.<br />Ba-ta-ha-la is also possibly correct, since &quot;Bat&quot; will become &quot;bata&quot;<br /><br />Baybayin is CV-CV-CV so we have to drop the single consonant or add a vowel if it will fit.<br /><br />^_^

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