The Significance of Baybayin Today

Posted on Feb 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

To some baybayin might be an intellectual exploration of symbols and history and the experience is limited to the realms of the mind. To others, it might be an exploration of subjective meanings and so would be an experience of the heart and body. And even to others, it might be both(mind, heart, body—soul).

Please use the comment feature below to answer the following questions:

How popular is baybayin today?

How have you used baybayin in your personal life?

How has discovering and/or using baybayin in your own way affected you?

If you are Filipino then how has baybayin affected who you are as a Filipino?

Please also tell me a little about yourself.

If you like, copy and paste these questions into the comment box below and then type your answers after them. Or do your answers in stream-of-thought form below.


  1. And now I want to explore what baybayin means to people in their lives too and I'd like them to share it with others in an open forum. It's not just a historical artificact that is being revived. It is not just a curiosity. Some people have incorporated baybayin in their art, some people have it in tattoos or jewelry… Baybayin has different meanings and sometimes very deep meaning to

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  2. Hi Perla and everyone reading this post!<br /><br />Baybayin is printed on the skin of nearly every Pinay and Pinoy I know today, especially here in the Bay Area. I have learned that the connection between language and psychology, or cognitive processes, are greatly related. In a similar way, the written language can offer key ideas to our indigenous spirituality, to Pilipino ways of seeing the

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  3. &quot;How popular is baybayin today?<br /><br />No idea.<br /><br />&quot;How have you used baybayin in your personal life?<br /><br />I&#39;ve used it to write poetry, notes, and just for the pure enjoyment of it.<br /><br />&quot;How has discovering and/or using baybayin in your own way affected you?<br /><br />Writing is an amazing art, and every piece fits together in a very complex puzzle of

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