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Posted on Sep 15, 2009 in A Holistic Approach, talinghaga

Talinghaga is a process of reflection, contemplation… it is thinking and seeing in metaphors, and it entails a matter of inner sight.

As per Sikolohiyang Pilipino studies, talinghaga is one construct of Filipino values and personhood. Can you, a modern day Pilipino, develop talinghaga? I know you can! It’s already there within you.

Talinghaga is part of Filipino holistic thinking. De Guia writes in Kapwa that its “a wholistic lifestyle that was anchored in prayer and devotion.”

Talinghaga is quite significant in trying to understand how Filipinos think naturally and how our westernized thinking may not include acknowledgement of the validity of such an ability. As we have discussed about holistic thinking before, though, anyone can be quite capable of thinking intuitively and logically, and create balance between the two.

Sources and Recommended Reading

  • De Guia cites Pasyon and Revolution, by Reynaldo Ileto. Quezon City: Ateneo de University Press, 1979. The book is the result of the evaluation of Filipino folk scriptures from more than seven decades—1840-1920.
For your own copy of Kapwa, The Self in the Other. Worldviews and Lifestyles of Filipino Culture Bearers, by Katrin De Guia, PhD. try a local bookstore in the Philippines, or from one of these bookstores in the United States:

Philippine Expressions Books(Tel (310) 514-9139)

• Arkipelago Books

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