YHWH – Deeper Meanings in Hebrew Symbols for the Divine

Posted on Oct 29, 2009 in ancient symbols, controversy, history, parallels

Rabbi Mark Sameth unveils a mystery of the Hebrew letters that spell God. I found an article written by Gary Stern, in the Journal News • july 21, 2008. Here is the online version: Rabbi unveils a secret of God.

The Rabbi’s theological exploration is about the tetragrammaton of “YHWH”, the four-letter, too-holy-to-speak name of God handed down by the ancient Israelites. According to Rabbi Sameth, the Hebrew letters represent both Male Aspect and Female Aspect. The interpretation of Hebrew writing symbols’ deeper, sacred meanings is an ancient practice. Legend even tells of Jesus’ own Torah studies as he explains to his teacher the meaning of Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

There are similarities between this interpretation of the Hebrew symbols “YHWH” and the Filipinos interpretation of the baybayin symbols of “bahala” or “Bathala.” The BA and LA symbols represent the Female and Male Principles, respectively. I emailed Rabbi Sameth to talk to him about how “Bathala,” the Filipino Divinity also had He/She and Male/Female Principles within the baybayin symbols. He graciously answered me back.

The Yin/Yang symbol is not a representation of Divinity, but it represents similar concepts.

If you find anything similar to these findings, in other languages and world symbolisms, please share here by posting below.


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  1. Please find for free online Neville Goddard “Freedom for All” and see chapter 2 for a detailed explanation of how these Hebrew letters related to manifesting desires.

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