The symbols of Ba, B and Berkana

Posted on Dec 21, 2010 in BA, parallels

It is not uncommon for letters, pictographs and symbols to have deep hidden meanings—even magical power, for cultures around the world have rich histories and stories connected to symbols, letters and written words. Other countries and cultures too have symbols and writing systems that were multi-dimensional, that is, their writing systems in application could not only be read as words and every day messages or chronicles, but also could convey that meanings that were profound, sacred or even used as divination. 

(B, second symbol of Western alphabet)

I just found out about Alphabet Gematria, that is, English letters are assigned number values for use in numerology and numeric comparisons of words. And I just read and found interesting thain english Gematria “B” is equivalent to 8 and “the profile of a pregnant worman”. (See Synchromysticism Wiki – Alphabet (English))
(Berkana, Nordic Rune)

The equivalent of B in the nordic rune is Berkana and means something very close to “a pregnant woman,” that is, it means “rebirth and feminine energy”. (See Reference 1Reference 2)

(Ba, Philippine baybayin symbol)

Coincidentally, or not, the Philippine baybayin symbol of Ba manytimes is rendered looking like a B turned on its side and also represents feminine aspects. 

The symbol for BA represents the first sound and syllable in Babae or Ba-i (tagalog and ilonggo words, respectively,  for “Female”) .




It is interpreted by people in the Filipino Spirituality movement to be the symbol of the womb and also the symbol of the Feminine Principle. 


  1. In the hebrew alphabet of the Kabbalah, the letter "beth" means mother, man's mouth, his interior, virility, protection, interior action and movement. The interior aspects of a man/person are considered his/her yang or feminine principle.

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  2. in the greek alphabet "beta" means devil, demonic challenger to God, the 'Other One', the second.

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  3. Sanskrit letter, "B" means Deity, God-Head (Brahman), teacher; power, might, a seed, grain, letter of the alphabet; intelligence, the planet Mercury. The Sanskrit letter of "Bh" means The planet Venus, the moring star' the zodiac, the number 27, and the revolution of the planets.

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