Phoenician Ancient Letters, Divine Writing

Posted on Dec 20, 2010 in divination, history, matrix, parallels

It is not uncommon for letters, pictographs and symbols to have deep hidden meanings—even magical power, for cultures around the world have rich histories and stories connected to symbols, letters and written words. Other countries and cultures too have symbols and writing systems that were multi-dimensional, that is, their writing systems in application could not only be read as words and every day messages or chronicles, but also could convey that meanings that were profound, sacred or even used as divination. 

I found this online post on the deeper meaning of the Phoenician alphabet. Each of the Phoenician writing symbols has a hidden deeper meaning. The author included a chart with those meanings.

The Phoenician Sacred Letters: Divine Writing for Meditation and Divination 
(c) by David Myriad Rosenbaum


To start at the beginning of the history of my very distant ancestors, the Phoenicians, I had to look all the way back. Little in their own voice has survived: a few myths, scattered inscriptions, their alphabet. It is the latter which is subtlely revealing her secrets.

The Phoenician alphabet proved to be the mother of virtually all modern alphabets, the direct ancestor of our own Roman letters, as well as the Runic alphabet of the Norse. Now, since the Norse Runes are popularly valued as tools for meditation and divination — each letter corresponding to a key word in their culture — it occured to me that each Phoenician letter could be used in the same way.

A note on the sources: in the course of studying the numerous scholarly works I’ve drawn from for this work, I’ve learned that each letter of the alphabet does in fact have a hidden, or occult meaning…

What I have learned is that each Phoenican letter stood for a word that had great cultural significance in the world of the ancient Near East.

That at least some of the letters have a direct astronomical and astrological correspondence in the zodiac of the ancient world.

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More examples of writing symbols with deeper meanings:

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