The Deeper Meaning of Baybayin Symbols – Part 1 of 2

Posted on Feb 27, 2011 in ancient symbols, divination, interpretations, people

The Baybayin Oracle Cards were created circa 2002 by Rhodora “Bing” Veloso.
By meditation and contempation, understanding the sounds in words in various Philippine languages, and applying metaphorical sight or talinghaga, Bing worked on interpreting the various baybayin symbols over time.  This work of interpreting the symbols is also much like dream interpretation.
Here is the matrix of Bing’s symbols interpretations of the baybayin. She uses baybayin as an oracle tool. when working with the symbols in this manner, intuition is used and the symbols are interpreted in a variety of ways and on several levels.
(Click for large view)
Writing symbols of other ancient cultures have also deeper meanings. Esoteric traditions within those cultures have explored and applied those deeper meanings. (See links below)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of 2 which talks about Bing’s work in more detail on using the Baybayin as an oracle tool.

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  1. This is great, I am very interested in this, this is our root and our heritage.

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  2. im just confused on the word ra in baybayin. why is it in some tutorial the word ra is different from this blog?

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    • Hello, Hosue, You’re right, there are two versions of RA in baybayin, depending on the region of the Philippines. Thank you for pointing this out. I will update the blog soon to reflect that! Salamat, Hosue.

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  3. this is what i looking for.the deeper meaning of each letters in baybayin. qiuck question: why is it in some videos or tutorials the letter ra in baybayin was different in this page? i hope you guys can answer my question.more power

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  4. I tried to look some information about Baybayin “HA” dont you know that the Ancient Chinese Symbol YIN/YANG was originated from ancient Tagalog Baybayin Script “HA” meaning air wave “THE BREATH of LIFE” HAAaaa, the first Breath by the CREATOR (Almighty) to give LIFE to the first human in this PLANET.., the origin of everything, ha… the rest is history in the BEGINNING to dig in,..dudes..going back in time…..

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  5. Do you think that the Otiot actually originated from Baybayin?

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  6. I learned baybayin on my own, self study (as in I downloaded the sheet, and started writing things by basing from it, and i didn’t even realize there’s a ‘proper’ way to write them and just did what I felt the most comfortable), only recently. In fact, it’s only been recently that I learned to truly appreciate our culture, the Filipino culture, but anyways. I found this site while I was searching for meanings associated from the symbols of baybayin (because, obviously, anything written down with a linked idea and notion with it would have meanings and interpretation, not withstanding the officially linked phonetic) and was startled and excited to find a site about this. And not the usual dry, quote sites that just repeat dry facts and don’t explore deeper and the richer aspects. Reading this was fun and made me feel as if the author truly shared my enthusiasm about this. That the author was genuinely interested and invested in this rather than just for the sake of posting something. It’s so fun to analyse something like this, something both tangible and intangible, imagine how what it is now has evolved and changed from what it was first written as, but not completely changing. The idea is still similar to what people centuries ago probably wanted to convey too. Haha, I really rambled on. Anyways, I love this.

    (And forgive my English, or if you didn’t even understand half of it, I wrote more than I meant and now too lazy to micro analyse it.)

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  7. ThankSFer sharing these sacred reSOURCEs…

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  8. Hi. Im a Baybayin Enthusiast. My name is John Quitasol. I just want to ask you a question if I may: How does our words came to be and why is it called that? What is the meaning of the root words and how it is like that? Like kaibigan——>Ibig means Love. Another type of love which means heartily love, and Ka——> means bridge, unity or Kinship.

    Now the real question comes into place: How are these words formed?

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  9. Where can I purchase the cards? I used to have one but it got destroyed by the floods.

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