The Deeper Meaning of Baybayin Symbols – Part 2 of 2

Posted on Mar 1, 2011 in ancient symbols, interpretations, people

 The Baybayin Oracle is meant by B. Veloso
to enjoin many, especially Filipinos, 
in finding beauty, goodness 
and truth in baybayin’s ancient treasures. 

This is the second part of The Deeper Meaning of Baybayin Symbols. Click here for part one.

Bing Veloso took time to study the baybayin symbols on an esoteric level by way of meditation and contemplation. The interpretation of the baybayin symbols can be multi-layered and have nuanced pathways of interpretation. And then there are different approaches to using them as an oracle tool. There is also an emotional aspect to the interpretations. One can even use the cards to see what word is formed by the combination of the symbols and then the word itself is interpreted. 
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Please see Bing’s explanation above. This is what is enclosed with her 2002 edition of the Baybayin Oracle Cards.

Bing recently explained the purpose of her work:

It was conceived for the purpose of education and development through appreciation and operationalization of a Filipino cultural element. Thus the reading of the baybayin through the cards is an ongoing experiment since 2000 on how it is to read the baybayin in all possible aspects, including archetypal and symbolic reading. As it has yielded positive results of clarification and alignment from the very first reading, I have continued the experiment.

Thus, the baybayin oracle is not meant to predict the future nor serve as a fortune telling tool. It is meant to enjoin many, especially Filipinos, in finding beauty, goodness and truth in its ancient treasures.

Writing symbols of other ancient cultures have also deeper meanings. Esoteric traditions within those cultures have explored and applied those deeper meanings. (See links below)

As I have learned in my older years, good intuition alerts you when to pay attention. I know Bing’s work has taught her colleagues and fellow baybayin enthusiasts in the Philippines to pay attention, with their insight and intuition, to the deeper meanings of baybayin symbols. She has also taught me this.

If you would like to contact Bing about her baybayin work you can email her at: baybay_in [at] (please replace at with the @ sign to create correct email addy).
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